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All EAZI LIFTER Cranes carry the same high quality specification, materials and build quality, specifically:

·   Fully CE marked for the International market.

·   Manufactured to BS 9001

·   Constructed from corrosion resistant materials.

·   Designed with a Factor Of Safety at twice the Safe Working Load.

·   Built to all relevant British Standards

·   Most parts manufactured in the United Kingdom

·   Fitted with a synthetic fabric lifting rope for comfortable handling, no damage to product, light weight and the avoidance of bird nesting (uncoiling) when not under load.

·   Hand operated to keep the overall weight down and avoid dependency on battery, mains or portable generated electrical power.

·   Each individual crane is factory tested before being shipped to provide compliance with legislation and offer customer peace of mind.

·   The EAZI LIFTER Crane has been designed to be carried in one hand with a maximum weight of 12kgs./ 27lbs, to comply with Manual Handling recommendations.

·   The Vacuum Lifter cups are provided with their own protective cases to reduce damage and are contained within the main Carry case.

·   Harnser Solutions are able to provide UK clients with a Life Time Warranty for the EAZI LIFTER Crane and it’s accessories (excluding consumable items such as Vacuum Lifters, ropes and rubber pads) to the original purchaser, subject to terms and conditions.

·   International Customers are offered a twelve month warranty (also excluding consumable items)

·   The warranty is subject to compliance with the Annual Thorough Examination and service being undertaken by Harnser Solutions Limited, or one of it’s approved service centres.


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