Our Mission Statement


‘Changing the World through Innovation’ .

‘Harnser’ is the Norfolk name for the Heron from the Crane family and well known for carrying new born babies

The care of your product is important to us, but more precious is person undertaking the operation, you, your children, your spouse or your parent!

Our mission is to bring about a paradigm shift in the working practices employed within the construction industry.

We would like the use of mechanical aids such as our EAZI LIFTER range of cranes to replace risks undertaken daily by construction and window tradesmen which costs the world an absolute fortune in lost time and money!

Each year hundreds of workers are killed, many hundreds of thousands are seriously injured and millions injured falling from height, or involved in manual handling incidents. Their careers often being cut short, resulting in serious emotional and financial impact on their families and relatives, and the National Health Services.

The really good news is that the cost of such equipment is repaid, not only in safety and reduced compensation terms, but in enhanced productivity.

Used frequently as designed it seriously improves profitability paying for itself in no time at all. No expensive scaffold or access systems, tower cranes, cherry pickers, etc, it’s a no brainer of a product!

And to help us achieve our goal, a big thanks to Mike and his Mechanics at Milltech Precision Engineering, Norwich.

Jeff Crowder, the Founder and Managing Director of Harnser Solutions Limited.


After a career in Design Engineering, Sales and Manufacturing, Jeff felt it was time to do something about the fatalities and serious injury problems facing the Construction and Glazing Industry with personnel lifting and handling heavy loads.

From his garden shed he Jeff set about developing the innovative EAZI LIFTER Window Crane to meet the challenge of the HSE’s ‘Work at Height Regulations’

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Jeff established Harnser Solutions Ltd as a business to provide sales, marketing and manufacturing operations, and of course continue to develop new products..

As Jeff now says;

“It’s been a terrific ride, not only in designing and patenting an internationally accepted and award winning range of products, but to develop receptive markets in the UK, Europe, Australia and North America in just a few years has been challenging, but really worthwhile!”

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