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Questions Answers
What weight can it lift?
275lbs / 125kgs or twice that if used in tandem
What height can it lift up to?
50ft / 15mtrs - typically four stories
How does it stay in the window opening?
Rubber pads or spikes in head / base plates
Can it lift glazed and unglazed product?
Yes, using a sling or vacum lifters
What if the window is very wide?
Use a pair of Eazi Lifters in tandem
How do I lift over 50 ft/15mtrs?
Specificing a longer winch rope when ordering
How often does it need servicing?
A though examination anually
What does the service cost?
Depends on condition of returned product
Is it guaranteed?
Yes, it carries a 12 month guarantee
Will it reduce my insurance premium?
Probably, talk to your insurance provider
Why buy a hoist when I can use a ladder?
Self preservation and improved productivity
Can I spread the cost?
Yes, talk to our financial team
Can I offset it against my business costs?
Yes, talk to our financial team
Is it really quicker than working off ladders?
Yes, users have found after familiarisation, productivity improvements of up to 50% are not uncommon
Can a man work solo with this hoist?
Yes, an installer can safely and easily lift a window of up to 275lbs / 125kgs on his own
Why is it cheaper than using conventional access systems
Conventional access equipment hire or purchase and storage is an installers nightmare, never mind the problem of assembly, use, disassembly and packing away





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