Case Study 4

EAZI LIFTER Cranes in tandem

An installation nightmare. Yet another short December day on the coastal fringe of Suffolk. Cold hands, damp product, large and very heavy fully glazed vertical slide ‘heritage’ type windows, and pressure to get them all fitted before the weather really broke, potentially delaying completion and payment. The windows were fitted with integrated sash weights and laminated glass resulting in even the smallest units weighing 90kgs/ 198lbs and the larger, 185kgs/ 407lbs. There was no obvious means of lifting them to height, no access for a cherry picker or similar hired-in equipment, so the Harnser Team were called to help out.

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The Harnser Trolley moved product from the Van to the window position, the Safety Restraint System protected the installers from falling out of the low threshold apertures and the EAZI LIFTER Window Cranes did the rest. You will notice that for the larger windows two cranes were installed in the window aperture and used in tandem. the supplier of the product, the Window Installation Company and the client were all very pleased to see the work completed on time with no damage to personnel, product or property. A job well done and another very satisfied client.

Single Crane in Position Guiding with Tapes Drawing into Reveal  
Unloading from Trolley Cranes Positioned in Tandem Window into Position  

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