There are many benefits to be gained by using Harnser Solution’s EAZI LIFTER range of portable lifting cranes.

As well as offering safety in operation, they are easy to use and contribute to profitability through improved productivity.

Look at some benefits that may be less obvious:

·   It gives the Company an edge over the competition, not only in productivity and bottom line performance but also the ‘Caring ‘ image for the workforce. Clients, whether domestic or commercial like to know that the work being carried out on their premises is undertaken in the safest way possible, especially if they are ultimately responsible for any undesirable consequences.

·   Having the latest, field proven equipment in the industry really motivates hardworking installers. It gives them what they need, not only a regular income by avoiding accidents at work but also a less strenuous working environment, resulting in more energy to spend in quality time with their friends and family.

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·   Being motivated they are more likely to stay in your employ thereby reducing recruitment and employment costs such as advertising, interviewing, selection, administration and training.

·   Keeping your best and motivated installers means a reliable workforce, less faulty workmanship from inexperienced trainees, no damaged product, no remakes, no service call-backs and dissatisfied customers.

·   Reducing the lifting and load carrying burden on the older skilled and experienced tradesmen enables them to work later on into their careers, continuing to earn money but not putting their health at risk.

·   By using the EAZI LIFTER Crane to lift and lower materials not only reduces the risk of sprain, strain, laceration and falls from height injuries, but lessens the risk of worker compensation payouts. It also reduces damage to property and products, thereby avoiding customer compensation payouts, and the cost of remade products.

·   A happy workforce, quality workmanship and positive local image improves reputation and the opportunity for enhanced sales.

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